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faith / вера, доверие, религия
имя существительное
faith, belief, trust, confidence, creed, doctrine
trust, confidence, credence, faith, reliance, credit
religion, faith
имя существительное
complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
this restores one's faith in politicians
strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.
Christianity in particular has praised those whose belief is founded on faith , rather than proof, as the story of doubting Thomas shows.
They live by explicit faith in the doctrines embedded in their respective religions and cultures.
There are many among us who are becoming intolerant of those who are of a different faith , ideology or political party.
Every single worry about how we socialise children is laid open to question, until one wonders if society has lost faith in our ability to socialise children at all.
I've always made a heavy distinction between belief based on blind faith , and belief based on evidence.
He is committed to a firm belief, based on his strong religious faith , that he will be healed.
So I think my identity in relation to my faith is very strong and what I do during the day ie the five daily prayers help me to a better person
I have a strong faith in the role of all women, as envoys of good practice, enabling and empowering our communities to take control of our future.
You only need three things in life - faith , hope, and love.
Religion is based on faith , which my dictionary defines as ‘strong belief without proof’, so it cannot be based on reason.
I am a person of deep faith , strong religious convictions and an optimistic view of our world as one where love abounds and peace is held up as the common vision of the majority.