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fairyland / волшебная страна, сказочная страна
имя существительное
волшебная страна
сказочная страна
fairyland, dreamland, dreamworld, cloudland, cloud-world, dream-country
имя существительное
the imaginary home of fairies.
She continued to be inventive in her use of materials; some of her work in painted plaster relief and free-standing or hanging plastic, for example, explored a fairyland of imaginary flora and fauna.
a fairyland castle
The orphanage she did visit she found positively idyllic - ‘a fairyland ,’ colorful, landscaped, neat, and full of laughing children.
The most gentle shades of pink were reflected in the patterns of hearts and stars which were everywhere; nothing harsh in this fairyland of a room where a little girl could cuddle up and feel really secure.
Large fields of green grassland can be seen, one after anther, from which intense green, red and blue roofs stand out, making the scene look a little like fairyland .
With the soft music in the background, the room seemed alive, and the small, twinkling colored sparks of light turned the room into a fairyland full of stars.
And Tinker takes Pino to her fairyland where the blue fairy turns him into a real boy.
She explained how her parents added a little more each year, and they now had so many lights and decorations the final effect was like a fairyland .
A whole summer went by and now it's time to head back to the wonderful fairyland called college, where responsibility is kept to a minimum and partying is a club sport.
Hannah took off into a fairyland of snowy pines.
Choosing such a setting is creative, it brings a surreal quality, like a fairyland story book.