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fairy / фея, волшебница, эльф
имя существительное
fairy, faerie, sprite, pixie, faery, fay
fairy, enchantress
elf, pixie, leprechaun, sprite, fairy, pixy
имя прилагательное
fairy, fairytale, dreamlike, dreamy, fabled, fab
magic, magical, fairy, faerie, elfin, elfish
похожий на фею
имя существительное
a small imaginary being of human form that has magical powers, especially a female one.
I love magical things like fairies and goblins.
a male homosexual.
имя прилагательное
belonging to, resembling, or associated with fairies.
fairy gold
The female fairy flew up and grabbed his hair and pulled on it impatiently.
His mother, a fairy queen wept, which was almost unheard for a fairy to show such human emotions.
A breathtaking ballet is set in the magical world of a fairy kingdom, where the King and Queen are celebrating the birth of their daughter, Princess Aurora.
fairy gold
The fairy that lost its power made one final wish on those stars.
She's more of the princess in ballroom dress or the magical fairy type.
Her fairy powers were drawn tightly around her, like a cloak.
That moment could not have been more magical even if a fairy had flitted by.
The fairies not only love human frailty, but also are ardent and devoted lovers of the forest.
The book is based on the story of a crafty 12-year-old Irish boy who is immersed in a world of fairies , leprechauns and gnomes.