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fairway / фарватер, проход, судоходный канал
имя существительное
fairway, channel, waterway, seaway, clearway, pass
pass, passage, aisle, passageway, gangway, fairway
судоходный канал
имя существительное
the part of a golf course between a tee and the corresponding green, where the grass is kept short.
Pleasure anglers visiting Howsham Hall are asked not to walk across the greens or fairways of the adjacent golf course when they are making their way to the river.
a navigable channel in a river or harbor.
They refuse to leave fairways or harbor entrances open.
In the middle the open water of the fairway is crowded with pinnaces, jolly-boats, cutters, and pleasure steamers.
A big pond flanks the left-hand side of the fairway and an old boat, timbers rotting in the sun, gives the hole the ambience of desolation I mentioned earlier.
the removal of pile and swing moorings to ease the congested fairway
This artificial fairway built at the turn of the nineteenth century exceeds even the Panama Canal in number of ships passing.
a stretch of fairway
Tees, fairways and greens are all bent grass, but three other types of turf are used in the rough, providing terrific color contrasts.
I started well, hitting fairways and greens, and made the turn in 40.
Only a fool would back him to win a tournament on a course with tight fairways , but on a wide open track he can beat anybody on his day.
The fairways are overrun with ants at the moment and the course is in danger of being renamed Ant Hill, but the rest of the course is a delight to play with some of the nicest tee off areas and greens to be found locally.
But the golf holes will be relatively wide with rolling fairways and undulating greens.