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fair-haired / любимый, светловолосый, белоголовый
имя прилагательное
favorite, loved, beloved, pet, darling, fair-haired
towheaded, fair-haired, white-headed
fair-haired, white-haired
имя прилагательное
having light-colored hair.
Out of it stepped a fair-haired blonde woman with long curly locks and warm smile, she was what one might call beautiful.
(of a person) favorite; cherished.
the fair-haired boy of American advertising
The fair-haired tot cannot walk and has a limited range of movement.
Children - some fair-haired with blue eyes reminding us that parts of Syria were occupied by the Crusaders - clamber over the ruins; a few French tourists drink mint tea.
They're akin to the licence granted the king's fair-haired courtiers in the Middle Ages.
Before the glittering store windows pose lovely, fair-haired Creoles of nearly pure Spanish decent, and stunning mestizas with rich auburn hair and glowing cinnamon complexions.
But the most precious thing was the picture record of fair-haired Lydia's first months.
What an interesting pair they must have made - Love tall and fair-haired and Barrett quite the opposite, brown-haired and squat.
He will have noted the height, build, and general appearance of the two men: one was fat, middle-aged, and bald and had a scar over his left eye; the other younger, fair-haired , more athletic, and had a moustache.
The fair-haired policeman, who had been sitting with a finger under his ear, stroking his chin, said no, he thought that covered everything.
Sitting in Verney's pavilion, he saw, walking on the sea-front, a fair-haired young lady of medium height, wearing a beret; a white Pomeranian dog was running behind her.
The pickpocket was described as being white, fair-haired , in his early 20s and was wearing blue jeans, a blue jacket and a baseball cap.