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failing / недостаток, неудача, провал
имя существительное
lack, drawback, flaw, deficiency, shortage, failing
failure, fail, bad luck, bad, setback, failing
failure, fail, collapse, failing, flop, fiasco
в случае отсутствия
за неимением
for lack of, for want of, failing, in default of
ввиду отсутствия
имя прилагательное
missing, lacking, deficient, failing, wanting
flagging, failing, faint, fainting
имя существительное
a weakness, especially in character; a shortcoming.
pride is a terrible failing
in default of; in the absence of.
she longed to be with him and, failing that , to be on her own
be unsuccessful in achieving one's goal.
he failed in his attempt to secure election
neglect to do something.
the firm failed to give adequate risk warnings
break down; cease to work well.
a truck whose brakes had failed
she longed to be with him and, failing that , to be on her own
pride is a terrible failing
pride is a terrible failing
she longed to be with him and, failing that , to be alone
Can anyone recommend a chain, or failing that, a local store in Austin, Texas, that would carry them?
A lot of communities either try to prop up their long-established economic pillars or, failing that, they try to attract something big and new.
With funds and several groups have got compensation for failings on the part of the State.
She accepts that she has failings , but won't accept that they cannot be eradicated.
They show their foibles and failings , their gifts and talents in a way that's entirely theirs.
In that light, Curbishley will always thrive, and his other failings will go un-noticed.