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failed / неудачный, неудавшийся
имя прилагательное
unsuccessful, failed, unfortunate, unlucky, abortive, unhappy
failed, abortive, manque
имя прилагательное
(of an undertaking or a relationship) not achieving its end or not lasting; unsuccessful.
a failed coup attempt
(of a mechanism) not functioning properly; broken-down.
an aircraft with a failed engine
be unsuccessful in achieving one's goal.
he failed in his attempt to secure election
neglect to do something.
the firm failed to give adequate risk warnings
break down; cease to work well.
a truck whose brakes had failed
Bet there are plenty of failed dotcom business models they could get their hands on.
The press has labelled the failed settlement a power-sharing agreement.
They believe that displaying the objects associated with a failed relationship is better therapy than destroying them.
Mr. Muhammad, who has a series of failed businesses in his past, hung up the telephone on a reporter who called for comment.
Anyway, the problem turned out to be a failed sensor, not any actual mechanical system that makes the car work.
The failed thief drew both of his blades, and with a swift motion stepped forward, turned, and attacked.
The alleged offences related to a failed property development scheme in Rhodesia.
I just hate to think that all I can get out of a failed relationship is a few good memories, a few bad ones and that's it.
He said the musical was about a family who live in a large flat over a warehouse where Reg had his failed costume business.
Brian Friel's early play is a catalogue of failed connections and opportunities missed by the narrowest of margins.