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fail / терпеть неудачу, обанкротиться, отказывать
терпеть неудачу
fail, miscarry, break down, burst up, suffer a setback, fall through
go bankrupt, fail, bust, go, go into liquidation, smash
refuse, deny, reject, decline, fail, turn down
имя существительное
failure, fail, collapse, failing, flop, fiasco
failure, fail, bad luck, bad, setback, failing
fiasco, mold, belt, failure, fail, mould
be unsuccessful in achieving one's goal.
he failed in his attempt to secure election
neglect to do something.
the firm failed to give adequate risk warnings
break down; cease to work well.
a truck whose brakes had failed
имя существительное
a grade that is not high enough to pass an examination or test.
It is feared that their children will be given an automatic fail mark because the number of days they study at school falls far short of the minimum set by the education authorities.
Sometimes, eagerly anticipated musical encounters fail to meet expectations, but when these titans of the tenor sax got together in 1957, the results were stunning.
Disclosures of payments to beholden director's firms also fail to specify the amounts involved.
Firms fail - no one can legislate away investor risk.
However, his health began to fail in May of 1932 when he suffered heart problems.
his first product demo was full of fail
A letter or pass / fail grade, depending on district policy, is filed with the school at the appropriate time.
Should Service Pack 2 fail to install properly, the guide also explains how to restore your computer to a working state.
These fail marks meant that 336 high school students were not allowed to graduate.
I will not stand by and watch American businesses fail because of unfair trading practices abroad.
Another case against Ivol was abandoned last year after her health began to fail and she died in September last year.