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faerie / фея, волшебное царство, волшебство
имя существительное
fairy, faerie, sprite, pixie, faery, fay
волшебное царство
faery, faerie
magic, sorcery, enchantment, glamor, theurgy, faerie
имя прилагательное
magic, magical, fairy, faerie, elfin, elfish
enchanting, faery, magical, faerie, magic
имя существительное
the world of faerie
The female faerie wore a dress made of flower petals.
Many blamed the victory of the Orugisi fifteen years before on the night they chose to attack - the night when the curtain between the worlds was at its thinnest, and when the faerie kind were at their most evil.
Magic ultimately brings only disaster to those in thrall to it; the denizens of faerie are singularly deceitful and inhumane; mankind is the better for having forgotten how to conjure and bewitch.
the world of faerie
The first treatment in English was Layamon's Brut, which introduced the element of faerie .
Otherwise, he was a perfectly personable faerie , who was twice as charming as a Cheshire, and skilled in just about every category of weather magic in existence.
In the legend, Avalon is the faerie island to which the heavily wounded King Arthur flees to heal his wounds and from which he one day emerges to reclaim his realm and save his people.
faerie dragons
In a foreword to the book, his wife Marian recalls how Michael was always fascinated by legend and the faerie world.
the world of faerie