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faculty / факультет, способность, право
имя существительное
faculty, department
ability, capacity, power, capability, faculty, aptitude
right, law, title, freedom, faculty, charter
имя существительное
an inherent mental or physical power.
her critical faculties
the teaching staff of a university or college, or of one of its departments or divisions, viewed as a body.
there were then no tenured women on the faculty
a license or authorization, especially from a church authority.
When Ireland reviewed his credentials and saw he was a priest of the Byzantine church and a widower, Ireland refused to grant him faculties or permission to officiate.
The working students who come for the evening/part-time courses interact more freely and share ideas and insights with the faculty .
The canon lists several conditions which must be met for parish priests to exercise validly the faculty to confirm adults they baptize or receive into full communion.
Well it put great strains on those teachers in the faculty who didn't know how to speak Latin.
The department has 29 staff members on the faculty and 36 residents in training.
the vicar introduced certain ornaments without the necessary faculty to do so
Aside from financial considerations and "turf wars," there was a genuine concern and reluctance of some of the obstetrical faculty to train family physicians in operative obstetrics.
Despite growth in some areas, women continue to be underrepresented on the faculty across the university.
the English faculty
the author's faculty for philosophical analysis
The way he is going about selecting the faculty is an example of the exacting academic standards he has in mind for the school.