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factotum / доверенный слуга, мастер на все руки
имя существительное
доверенный слуга
мастер на все руки
handyman, factotum, do-all, utility-man
имя существительное
an employee who does all kinds of work.
he was employed as the general factotum
Alain Locke's role as a general factotum of the Harlem Renaissance has tended to overshadow the full dimensions of an active and productive life.
Artificer, constructor, factotum , a man who loves impossible bets, he says: ‘How did the idea come to me to construct the greatest globe of the world in the world?’
She is perpetually and dangerously angry, bluntly refusing - although employed in a factotum capacity - to perform many of the chores she is given, often colouring her refusal with some venomous invective.
His factotum , George Dolby, records that Dickens would nerve himself one hour into each journey with a draught of brandy.
he was employed as the general factotum
Emily, as her loyal factotum explains, is happiest and best at taking care of other people.
He worked as a general factotum at Keadeen Hotel for 37 years.
When his grandson was born in 1604, his family of three had four servants, apart from his factotum and sole studio assistant, Francisco de Preboste.
Mme D. likes to pull strings, and uses her pallid lady's companion, the spinster Capulat, as her factotum .
Hans, talented in many ways, was a general factotum in Maye's.