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factor / фактор, коэффициент, множитель
имя существительное
factor, agent, agency
coefficient, factor, ratio, rate, index, multiplier
factor, multiplier
имя прилагательное
control, administering, regulatory, factor
имя существительное
a circumstance, fact, or influence that contributes to a result or outcome.
his legal problems were not a factor in his decision
a number or quantity that when multiplied with another produces a given number or expression.
Multiply your X factor by 159 to reach a daily total of 2,067 calories a day.
any of a number of substances in the blood, mostly identified by numerals, which are involved in coagulation.
These include a change in the balance between procoagulant and anticoagulant factors in the blood.
a business agent; a merchant buying and selling on commission.
The brassfounders' traditional use of factors and agents accounts for the maddening anonymity of the catalogues.
sell (one's receivable debts) to a factor.
Of considerably more importance is that Scanchem is now factoring its invoices, and thus increasing its apparent borrowing, the outstanding amounts being secured by a charge on the book debts of the company, as is normal.
The excessive intake of food also puts a heavy burden on the pancreas and speeds the ageing process, which is a risk factor in diabetes.
the Rhesus factor
Timely administration is a key factor in achieving positive results with hyaluronidase.
She stresses that all mini-melon lines are the result of natural breeding and that genetics is probably the biggest factor in her results.
It is thought the bidders involved in the previous submission had built in a risk factor in case they lost money on the scheme, which meant the overall price went up.
Similarly, family and friends of students have been considered an influential factor in choosing an agriculture major.
The small sample size was obviously a confounding factor in interpreting the results.
transport was a major factor in my decision
School may not be the number one source of stress for everyone, but it certainly is a contributing factor in most cases.
Speed must have been a contributory factor in some or all the collisions on the stretch and at least 20 per cent of drivers on the road must exceed the speed limit.