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factitious / искусственный, поддельный, наигранный
имя прилагательное
artificial, synthetic, man-made, made, false, factitious
counterfeit, forged, spurious, bogus, faked, factitious
histrionic, factitious, histrionical
имя прилагательное
artificially created or developed.
a largely factitious national identity
The ringmaster selects only the audience questions he wants to use; he speaks repeatedly for Lola; the audience sees only the factitious and selective reconstructions of her scandalous life.
Most patients with factitious disorders are women with stable social networks, and more than half of these work in medically related occupations.
The ear, freed from a factitious counting, takes joy in discerning, on its own, all the possible combinations of twelve tones.
For decades, physicians have known about so-called factitious disorder, better known in its severe form as Munchausen syndrome.
Occasionally, epilepsy can be mistaken for narcolepsy, and factitious simulation of narcolepsy has been described.
The patients were not diagnosed as having a factitious disorder or malingering because their symptoms were judged not to be fabricated, feigned, or intentionally produced.
She was said to be suffering from factitious illness by proxy, a disorder previously referred to as Munchausen's syndrome by proxy.
People with factitious disorder feign or actually induce illness in themselves, typically to garner the nurturance of others.
The nurse informed me he had been carted off to start a course of factitious fever therapy, the only treatment then available to allay the late ravages of the spirochaete.
Researchers also note the need to examine the patient's psychological status when hysteria, malingering, or factitious illness may be a factor.