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fact-finding / расследование обстоятельств, установление фактов
имя существительное
расследование обстоятельств
установление фактов
имя прилагательное
занимающийся расследованием
имя прилагательное
(especially of a committee or its activity) having the purpose of discovering and establishing the facts of an issue.
a fact-finding mission
имя существительное
the discovery and establishment of the facts of an issue.
While this is not a blank cheque, it authorises them to re-evaluate the consequences of the adjudicator's primary fact-findings , and that is what they did here in relation to the deportation decision.
In fact, the Court's exceptionally broad ruling removed fact-finding processes even from the Court's own debates.
fact-finding trip
They are on a fact-finding mission to gather all data, surveys and specialist reports to oppose the no smoking ban in Ireland.
This would place considerable weight on fact-finding processes prior to sentencing.
She was the first representative of an international human rights organisation to visit Gujarat on a fact-finding mission.
The request follows an August fact-finding mission by the commission's Arizona State Advisory Committee.
We explore the fact-finding function of the Court a little later.
They get a lot of people out on fact-finding missions and I think we can learn from that.
But other missions said attendance was a routine part of fact-finding activities.
Once a fact-finding mission has been established and its chairman and members appointed, no persons should be added to the mission as members except to fill a vacancy in the mission.