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facing / облицовка, обшивка, отделка
имя существительное
facing, lining, liner, revetment, covering, casing
skin, covering, sheathing, casing, shell, facing
finishing, finish, trim, furnish, trimming, facing
имя прилагательное
принимая во внимание
considering, whereas, seeing, facing, in respect that
имя существительное
a layer of material covering part of a garment and providing contrast, decoration, or strength.
Make the same adjustment on the underarm facing for a sleeveless garment.
an outer layer covering the surface of a wall.
Finish ornamental stone facings and surfaces of concrete structural products.
имя прилагательное
positioned with the front toward a certain direction; opposite.
a book with Italian and English lyrics printed on facing pages
be positioned with the face or front toward (someone or something).
he turned to face her
confront and deal with or accept.
honesty forced her to face facts
cover the surface of (a thing) with a layer of a different material.
the external basement walls were faced with granite slabs
If the seamlines of the facing and garment don't match, don't force them.
I will be painting the inside facing side of the acrylic to exploit a cool effect best illustrated by macro's project macro black.
While he writes normally with one hand, he produces a mirror image on the facing page with the other.
There is also a south facing landscaped rear garden.
Instead of sleeves, finish the armhole with a narrow facing .
Use it at the inside seam line that joins the facing and lining of a jacket, for an elegant finishing touch.
Belgian fossil marble was used as a facing to the lower walls, Greek penalithic marble and Portland stone were used extensively elsewhere.
Sadly, this information is not on the facing pages of the catalog I got, but maybe it's hidden in the text somewhere.
Now is the time to topstitch the facing down to the pocket, as shown in the diagram.
My favourite of these three montanas is a dark flowered form that grows against the house wall in a sunny south and east facing position.