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facility / объект, установка, сооружение
имя существительное
object, facility, subject, objective, entity, operand
installation, setting, plant, mounting, facility, adjustment
construction, structure, building, facility, installation, erection
имя существительное
space or equipment necessary for doing something.
cooking facilities
an ability to do or learn something well and easily; a natural aptitude.
he had a facility for languages
And there's many a time that a facility for being able to imitate a certain voice or style has got me out of trouble as a writer.
It was transformed into a bingo hall in 1965, and now planning permission has been granted to turn it into a family-orientated theatre, leisure and arts facility .
It seems some people don't understand what is considered reasonable behavior in a shared hygiene facility .
The award is now considered an essential quality mark for any health and leisure centre or facility that aspires to high standards and efficiency.
The plan claims no public hygiene facility is needed.
Town councillor Judy Jones also said she was surprised more had not been done to advertise such a major new leisure facility in the town.
The American scientist was to be prized not just for intellectual prowess, but technical facility .
A state-operated psychiatric facility can provide a rich training ground for medical students, residents and other trainees.
This is a valuable community and leisure facility and we do have relevant Local Plan policies to protect those facilities.
The changes proposed relate to reducing the area of refurbishment of the hotel, leisure and conference facility from 10,116 to 8,895 square metres.