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facilitation / облегчение, помощь
имя существительное
relief, facilitation, ease, alleviation, release, easement
help, assistance, aid, support, assist, facilitation
имя существительное
the action of facilitating something.
To be maximally effective, early detection in primary care and facilitation of help seeking in the wider community must also be addressed.
Normally the second half of the fiscal year is the export season and with the new export facilitation measures the growth target of 12 per cent is likely to be exceeded considerably.
In the face of such a crisis in leadership at all levels - is neutral facilitation enough?
The economic (through facilitation of domestic and international trade and investment flows) and social benefits of these projects are varied.
For infants who did not receive a dummy, alternate soothing methods were promoted (for example, facilitation of hand to mouth action promoting self quieting behaviour).
I'm looking for openness, not closure; facilitation of debate, not instant judgement upon each contribution.
Because it was a two lane road, we had to make sure that there is facilitation of traffic.
The French embassy's facilitation of translation and distribution of tourism brochures from English into French was one of the first of such assistance.
Regional cooperation will be fostered by and can in turn foster connectivity, trade facilitation , regional cooperation and people-to-people exchange.
the response is dependent on the frequency of stimulation and on neuromuscular facilitation
For me, it's the difference between agency (we talk for you) and facilitation (we help YOU to do the talking).