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facial / лицевой
имя прилагательное
facial, obverse, right
имя существительное
массаж лица
имя прилагательное
of or affecting the face.
facial expressions
имя существительное
a beauty treatment for the face.
Beauty treatments range from facials , nails, massage, bodywraps and waxing thus providing the perfect preparation for a bride to prepare in every way for her wedding day.
His kooky gestures, facial expressions, attitude, and delivery were all perfect.
All the dancers should maintain totally blank facial expressions throughout.
Dorley-Brown asked them to express themselves entirely through facial expression.
The drooped heads and lost facial expressions on Sunday evening last told its own story.
Nothing in Jene's facial expression revealed his opinion on Falnec's response.
They use a wide variety of facial expressions and calls to communicate with one another.
He could quote dialogue, he could resurrect physical postures and facial expressions.
A lower motor neurone lesion causes weakness of all the muscles of facial expression.
The research used photos which show men and women making a range of facial expressions.
During her trial, Selena was reported to have made odd facial expressions at the jury several times.