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facetious / шутливый, шуточный, остроумный
имя прилагательное
playful, joking, jocular, facetious, jesting, quizzical
jesting, facetious, burlesque, macaronic, farcical, joky
witty, ingenious, smart, facetious, cute, sharp
имя прилагательное
treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant.
You learn very soon never to tell a joke or make a facetious remark.
You learn very soon never to tell a joke or make a facetious remark.
But snobbishness is, in its way, a serious subject, and another, less facetious book could easily be written about it.
It's a facetious point, but it's also a serious one.
Apparently, she isn't being facetious at all, and it was a serious question.
I hope this approach doesn't come across as facetious or flippant, I'm genuinely interested
I realize he was likely being facetious with discussing how he's perfect, but it still amazes me that he'd say it.
Forgive me for being facetious in these desperately serious times, but sometimes ridicule is the only release from anger.
I could so easily be facetious about this piece of news.
I'm not being facetious - the reason I'm sure of this is because I've received so much feedback this year.
I assure you that was a facetious comment about the ostrich caucus.