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facet / грань, аспект, фаска
имя существительное
face, facet, verge, edge, margin, plane
aspect, facet, side, phase, complexion, light
chamfer, facet, bevel, face, flat
cut, facet, grind
grind, polish, abrade, cut, smooth, facet
имя существительное
one side of something many-sided, especially of a cut gem.
The many voices of the metropolis only come together like facets of a many-sided prism in the fourth projection, which stands separate from the other three.
Isn't this a normal facet of business daily life?
Cone cells number four per facet in many compound eyes.
What may sound like the stuff of science fiction is set to become an integral facet of the day-to-day lives of millions of people.
A facet is an aspect or dimension of an object or piece of information.
This method, which is utilized mainly in respect of overseas transactions and constitutes an important facet of banking business, is considered further below.
Conservation must remain an important facet of any eco-tourism business and the projects should do well economically to succeed, she feels.
Such sequences were nothing new to Jost's films - indeed they constitute a distinct facet of his authorial style in most of the earlier features as well.
Is there any facet , any aspect of hockey that is better on the smaller ice?
All the facets of the business environment were deliberated, to shed new light on the working of corporates.
The practice of adding and subtracting aspects from his home page also highlights particular facets of Yuan's identity at different times.