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faceplate / лицевая панель
лицевая панель
front panel, table
имя существительное
an enlarged end or attachment on the end of the mandrel on a lathe, with slots and holes on which work can be mounted.
It uses a swash plate design that imparts reciprocating motion via the inclination of a faceplate on a shaft relative to the axis of rotation.
the transparent window of a diver's or astronaut's helmet.
He opened the cracked faceplate of the fallen astronaut and gazed in horror at what lay within.
She had a faceplate on her helmet, blocking most of her face from my view, but her eyes seemed familiar, even though they wore an angry guise.
The first bit of fiddling involves bending the LED leads and fitting them into their little black housing cups which you have inserted into the holes in the faceplate .
If you saw a constant stream of gas coming from the faceplate of a diver you were assisting to the surface, what would you think?
To make a Drive Mandrel, start by mounting a wooden faceplate on your lathe.
Hold the router in position with the lower part of the faceplate flat against the newly laminated strip and the bit held just above the excess.
Hansen suggests the radio can fit into the faceplate itself, or be relocated to a drop-down headliner panel.
Tarus smiled beneath the thick fiberglass faceplate of his helmet.
A faceplate according to the present invention is shown for covering an opening in a metal electrical equipment frame, such as a network router, which is inexpensive to produce and easy to install and remove.
There was a long pause and the image of the Captain's face projected on the faceplate of my helmet was thoughtful.
Quite what a flying jellyfish looks like as it impacts the faceplate of your snorkel mask is still a mystery to me, but they seemed to be enjoying it.