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faceless / безликий
имя прилагательное
faceless, impersonal, featureless, milk-and-water
имя прилагательное
(of a person) remote and impersonal; anonymous.
the faceless bureaucrats who made the rules
Despite the introduction of minor female characters, they remain faceless .
Congratulations belong to a multitude of faceless individuals.
How does a hotelier differentiate itself in this time of nameless, faceless hotel rooms?
It seemed like Shobha's perfect man had been snatched from her by destiny and faceless international criminals.
So my image of that is then, people are living in what you might call fairly faceless suburbs with no community focus.
Midland City Central was in the business district end of the city centre, full of faceless anonymous buildings and equally bland people.
For a change this documentary did not have faceless people talking shyly with their faces blurred digitally.
I agree and this seems particularly true of a city like Detroit where derelict buildings stand beside a host of faceless skyscrapers.
The film places them in a situation where they are attacked with relentless vehemence by a faceless enemy they know very little of.
Don't let this beautiful historical village turn into a faceless urban sprawl.