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face-to-face / лицом к лицу, наедине, без посторонних
лицом к лицу
face to face, square
alone, in private, face to face, tete-a-tete
без посторонних
face to face
with the people involved being close together and looking directly at each other.
the two men stood face to face
Denise stared miserably at the screen, wishing it could be a face-to-face conversation.
I only wish I could sit down with each person, face-to-face , and do these questions.
However, second generation migrants are brought face-to-face with the hypocrisies in any society.
In this age of Internet, families still prefer face-to-face interaction.
In the office, emails and instant messaging are sending face-to-face meetings into extinction.
I'm just as neurotic in written conversations as I am in face-to-face ones.
While the series was conceived as a way to bring Americans face-to-face with the reality of death, it did lose something of its impact as the show wore on.
The two have a little face-to-face , before the referee coolly calms the situation.
Now, he hoped, technology could help people meet each other and build real face-to-face ties with people.
Frankly, I'm pretty much as honest in face-to-face conversations, but not always.