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face-off / вбрасывание, начальный бросок
имя существительное
face-off, throw-in, facedown, bully-off
начальный бросок
facedown, face-off
имя существительное
a direct confrontation between two people or groups.
a face-off for the championship title
Two leading national education experts will be here to debate the issue of choice in our face-off .
Missiles are the true relics of the cold war; they have no operative military role in the absence of a face-off of the superpowers.
last night's vice presidential face-off
The match was watched by Keith Hill, who dropped the puck at the first face-off to begin the game.
Tonight, a dramatic face-off is over, and it could affect the news you watch and read.
Creatively, this adds a heightened amount of tension to the timed face-off , as a win crushes the morale of your foes, while a loss ends your game immediately.
Now imagine that instead of a bilateral face-off , the next cold war will be a nuclear free-for-all.
He said the referee had dropped the puck to start the face-off when two other opposing players had started to fight.
At that point the face-off will turn on which campaign can mount the best low-budget endeavor and which candidate can thrive in an environment dominated by debates and media coverage.
Please join us tomorrow in our face-off , a hard-fought battle over the security and reliability of electronic voting.