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face / лицо, грань, лик
имя существительное
face, person, countenance, image, visage, front
face, facet, verge, edge, margin, plane
face, front
face, encounter, collide, clash, interfere, impinge
стоять лицом
encounter, face, barge into
имя существительное
the front part of a person's head from the forehead to the chin, or the corresponding part in an animal.
My voice broke and the tears fell down my face as I wrapped my arms around his solid torso.
the surface of a thing, especially one that is presented to the view or has a particular function, in particular.
be positioned with the face or front toward (someone or something).
he turned to face her
confront and deal with or accept.
honesty forced her to face facts
cover the surface of (a thing) with a layer of a different material.
the external basement walls were faced with granite slabs
Rail police warned that people caught trespassing on railways could face up to life in jail.
He has a face so unusually characterful that it almost defies caricature.
Standing in his way was a tall man with long dark hair, his face hidden in the shadows of the hood of his black robes.
he climbed atop a tank to face down a coup
There are moments when I feel tired by this, and drained, but then I get up the following morning and decide I'm going to face these people down .
he couldn't face the thought of jumping out of a plane
Crowe could face up to seven years in prison if found guilty of all charges against him.
Then, in a second, the old woman's face had softened back into its regular form.
A thin trickle of water drips down the dank side of a cliff face to splash into the stream below.
Here was a problem that amounted to rather more than an unsightly flaw on the face of the splendid facade of classical physics.