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fabulous / невероятный, потрясающий, легендарный
имя прилагательное
incredible, improbable, fabulous, unbelievable, unlikely, unthinkable
tremendous, terrific, shocking, startling, incredible, fabulous
legendary, storied, fabled, fabulous, mythical, mythological
имя прилагательное
extraordinary, especially extraordinarily large.
fabulous riches
I can promise an evening of excellent food, fabulous entertainment and great guests.
The champagne flowed, the food was fabulous , the company wonderful.
At this time of year we have fabulous game, an excellent choice of seafood, the best root vegetables and also the tastiest orchard fruits.
There is sensational scenery, fabulous wildlife and air of unsurpassed clarity.
Naturally, the promise of such fabulous wealth has attracted scores or treasure hunters to the island in the past.
Treating the family to a fabulous holiday is a secret dream of everyone.
Of course they were marvellous, pulled the best boys in there, and were signed up for a fabulous six-week holiday right then.
It is fabulous singing: it is shaded, interior, phenomenally engaged.
I could pick any game, he's just been a fabulous influence and a wonderful player for his country.
According to legend, a fabulous treasure haul was buried on the island in 1715 by Spanish sailor Juan Esteban Ubilla-Echeverria.