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fabricate / производить, фабриковать, изготовлять
produce, manufacture, make, generate, effect, fabricate
fabricate, manufacture, fake, trump up, cook, invent
manufacture, fabricate
invent or concoct (something), typically with deceitful intent.
officers fabricated evidence
Still, it'd be difficult for me to fabricate enough new products to fill a whole column.
you will have to fabricate an exhaust system
Bryan is paranoid that police are dishonest and will fabricate evidence against him, Mr Hemsley said.
The microwave area has naturally been most productive, because the metamaterials required are easier to fabricate .
Most of the tungsten used thus far in aerospace applications has been in the unalloyed form, which is much easier and less expensive to produce and fabricate .
The fact that our enemies allegedly fabricate similar evidence of wrongdoing on our part absolves us of responsibility to reveal true, unfabricated evidence.
She did not try to invent or fabricate some explanation.
Contractors will fabricate and test advanced structural components to failure to validate performance relative to predicted performance.
The contract duration is 53 months to design, fabricate and test 3 production representative systems.
Only master craftsmen could design and fabricate such a product.