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fabled / легендарный, сказочный, придуманный
имя прилагательное
legendary, storied, fabled, fabulous, mythical, mythological
fairy, fairytale, dreamlike, dreamy, fabled, fab
made, fabled, cooked-up
имя прилагательное
well known for being of great quality or rarity; famous.
a fabled art collection
tell fictitious tales.
I do not dream nor fable
The fabled financier noted that he was paying $2,264 for a year's worth of property taxes on a Southern California home valued at $4 million.
Obliquely, the image relates to the three graces, the inspirational grouping of three fabled figures, an image that enjoyed great popularity in European art through the 18th Century.
The Venice we see here, through the prism of Scottish fantasies, is a fabled city of delight, that glass goblet as stupendous as a Titian.
Darren Yeadon has spent the past two years in Italy working with marble from Carrara, which has gained a fabled reputation among sculptors across the globe.
Like Bob Dylan's fabled '70s concerts with his famous poet and singer friends, this is his own ‘Rolling Thunder’ tour.
The discovery of what appear to be the remains of a city off the Cuban coast by a group of Canadian researchers has fired the imaginations of many who have begun dreaming that fabled Atlantis could have been a reality.
Moreover, a shaky economy a weak American dollar and declining tourism are hurting sales at some of Paris's fabled art galleries.
The fabled and celebrated people of New York do not as a rule live in those neighborhoods; but ordinary people do, and life there is not the same as it is in, say, the East 60s or the West Side of Manhattan.
He relinquishes this fabled sword to fellow esteemed warrior Yu Shu Lien, who he has loved in secret just as she has loved him.
But perhaps the most persistent legend is that of their fabled treasure.