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fable / басня, сказка, миф
имя существительное
fairy tale, story, fable
myth, fable
рассказывать басни
fable, yarn
invent, think up, make up, dream up, fabricate, fable
болтать вздор
blather, blether, blither, fable, fiddle-faddle
имя существительное
a short story, typically with animals as characters, conveying a moral.
Buddha Stories is a collection of animal fables that teach the moral principles of Buddhism.
tell fictitious tales.
I do not dream nor fable
It is apt that Virgo frames his story like a fable , as all melodrama has its origins in morality plays and/or folk tales.
‘That's another fable they've come up with,’ corrected Kuklinski.
he had conjured up a monster fit for any fable
The Nun's Priest tells one of the best tales, a beast fable with a moral lesson.
the unnatural monsters of fable
Perhaps it's a little too oversimplified - but isn't that the heart of fable and myth… a simple story with a deeper message?
It's an odd but satisfying little fable about loss and loneliness.
I do not dream nor fable
The only British actress to be nominated for an Oscar this year is luminous and touching in Jim Sheridan's immigrant fable .
The personal fable reflects the mistaken belief that one's feelings and experiences are uniquely different from those of others.