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fab / потрясающий, сказочный
имя прилагательное
tremendous, terrific, shocking, startling, incredible, fab
fairy, fairytale, dreamlike, dreamy, fabled, fab
имя прилагательное
fabulous; wonderful.
Head to the snowy slopes this winter and get into the groove with some skiing as this week's fab gear swishes and slides through the winter wonderland of the ski suit.
имя существительное
a microchip fabrication plant.
Barrett's meeting with Hu had led to widespread speculation that the world's biggest chip maker was preparing to soften its stance and join the growing line of overseas chip makers setting up fabs in China.
The weather was fab all weekend too which was a treat!
It starts wafers by technology process, by fab , and by the strategic inventory targets we've chosen.
They are all fab presenters with their own individual personalities.
Besides, Lawrence loves the music of the Fifties, and you get to wear fab frocks too.
That chipset is about to go to fab [i.e., into fabrication] in the first calendar quarter of 2001.
Wang's son, Wang Wen-yang, for example, is in the process of establishing an 8-inch wafer fab in Shanghai.
That was better than admitting that the guys got the medals for being fab pop stars whose reflected glory the government needed.
This chip ran cooler, also in part from its .13 micron fab process, and was selling much cheaper than before.
It is ramping up a 6in line dedicated to MEMS at its Castelleto fab , according to Benedetto Vigna, the MEMS unit manager.
Cells will be manufactured at IBM's 300 mm fab in East Fishkill, NY and Sony's Nagasaki plant.