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eyewash / очковтирательство, глазная примочка, лесть
имя существительное
eyewash, camouflage
глазная примочка
flattery, adulation, sycophancy, cajolery, palaver, eyewash
имя существительное
cleansing solution for a person's eye.
Lillie Tilley, who lives half a block from the fence line, gets eyewash by the boxful at the local dollar store.
insincere talk; nonsense.
their rhetoric about reducing intrusive federal rules is so much eyewash
Or are these guys just spouting eyewash that they have no real basis for believing?
In the past 18 years, there have been as many commissions, each one of them an eyewash .
The finely filtered decoction can be used as a morning eyewash .
The resultant tea is used to sprinkle over the eyes or used in an eyewash in an eyecup that can be readily purchased at most drug stores.
This eyewash is integral to the whole imperial project of the ‘civilising mission’, a kind of experience that lends support to the benevolence of western powers.
You might want to keep some good antiseptic eyewash on hand for afterwards though - this is sure to irritate your eyes which might lead to an infection.
This medication can be used as daily eyewash to strengthen vision, counteract many eye defects and eliminate redness and soreness.
That eyewash quickly eased Richardson's discomfort, and, after 15 minutes of flushing, he was ready for transport to medical.
The whole concept of a ‘benevolent dictatorship’ is an eyewash .
their rhetoric about reducing intrusive federal rules is so much eyewash