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eyesight / зрение, кругозор, поле зрения
имя существительное
vision, sight, eyesight, eye
horizon, outlook, purview, scope, view, eyesight
поле зрения
field of view, field of vision, sight, view, range of vision, eyesight
имя существительное
a person's ability to see.
poor eyesight ended his plans for a naval career
As well as losing her speech, Holly's eyesight is fading fast and she can no longer walk.
Dr Hillman said poor eyesight could lead to a greater risk of falls and injuries which were more serious among the elderly.
With their poor eyesight and keen sense of smell, they can get dangerously close.
This means that he has poor muscle control and his eyesight and hearing are failing.
He was fifty-one years of age and the sole support of his mother who has failing eyesight .
He wanted to join the military during the Second World War, but his poor eyesight kept him from combat.
They have slower reaction times, and their hearing and eyesight may have deteriorated.
Traffic police have criticised motorists who risk lives by driving with poor eyesight .
The prognosis on his eyesight was initially poor, and doctors told him that in any case he should not work for two years.
poor eyesight ended his plans for a naval career