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eyeshot / поле зрения
имя существительное
поле зрения
field of view, field of vision, sight, view, range of vision, eyeshot
имя существительное
the distance for which one can see.
he is within eyeshot
He looked up to see if there were any fruits within eyeshot , and saw it, lounging on a branch very near where Jim was.
he is within eyeshot
He's out of eyeshot , over at the window, pulling back the curtain from the black pane.
No matter how many times a Sailor may have packed a similar chute before, the technical step-by-step manuals are within eyeshot , and each step is verified by quality assurance checks.
I smiled at Seb as he rose from his swing, my eyes following his dark silhouette until he went behind me, disappearing from my eyeshot .
The closer you play to them, either as goalkeeper or someone on the touchline, the more chance there is of being in their eyeshot , earshot, or both.
he is within eyeshot
Soon they realized they were part of the show for any tourist within eyeshot .
When she was sure that they had all gone, she informed the police backup that they were to arrest any reporter they saw that came within eyeshot of the post office.
Once they were out of earshot, and eyeshot , of the others, he turned to her.