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eyelid / веко
имя существительное
eyelid, lid
имя существительное
each of the upper and lower folds of skin that cover the eye when closed.
You may develop loose folds of skin on the upper eyelids and deep creases on the lower lids.
Thinking this was caused by excess skin in her right upper eyelid , her doctor referred her to the eye services routinely.
There are a number of procedures used to restore the function of the upper eyelid but the lower eyelid is often ignored.
His head began to throb painfully and he felt the eyelid under the laceration lower in reaction.
A sad look crept onto his face, and a black eyelid slid down to cover his one eye.
Then, the superior portion of the excision is always in the thin skin of the eyelid .
Because when you sleep, your eye breathes from the eyelid, it gets its oxygen from the eyelid .
Call the doctor at once if the eyelid and area around the eye is swollen, red, or tender.
You don't want to pull the cheek up, take skin out of the lower eyelid and then find out it doesn't hold.
In some cases, hanging skin over the upper eyelid can be removed to restore peripheral vision.
If a growth on the eyelid does not go away after several weeks, a doctor may need to treat it or remove it.