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eyelet / ушко, глазок, петелька
имя существительное
ear, tab, eyelet, lug, tag, bootstrap
eye, peephole, eyelet, spyhole, eyehole, ocellus
eyelet, tab, eye
имя существительное
a small round hole in leather or cloth for threading a lace, string, or rope through.
Inside the boot's leather-and-nylon shell, an adjustable hook-and-loop heel strap, pulley eyelets , and cord laces snug up the quarter-inch-thick insulated liner.
make eyelets in (fabric).
Your best source for locating eyeleting machines suppliers.
Push an eyelet through the fabric from the motif side; it should fit snugly in the hole.
You can add a bit of glue to each eyelet before setting for added strength.
He spent upwards of forty-five minutes looking for the perfect eyelet sheets that I have always wanted.
In effect, instead of zigzagging, the lacing path is reflected at each eyelet so that it is straightened out as much as possible.
Scallop-edged eyelet and smocking provide a summery look, regardless of the season.
After the child laces the ribbon length through the eyelet holes, show him/her how to weave the needle end through the previous stitches on the back.
That's in the face of a staggering 51,840 possible lacings for a shoe with just five eyelets on each side, and millions more for shoes with a larger number of eyelet pairs!
A sampler follows a tablecloth onto the table, small white cotton squares on pink linen showing the proper way to handcraft a button hole, an eyelet hole, attach a hook.
Well the strap can slip or the eyelet rings can break, and the whole lot hits the floor unless you have lightning reflexes.
A tailored bed skirt smartens the bedding ensemble, while windows get dressed for summer year-round with white eyelet curtain panels.