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eyeing / смотреть, наблюдать, рассматривать
look, watch, view, see, eye, behold
watch, see, observe, oversee, supervise, eye
consider, view, regard, examine, review, eye
look at or watch closely or with interest.
Rose eyed him warily
As it poured incessantly out of him, he noticed a bull across the field eyeing him interestingly.
Certainly, there are a couple of England players who may be eyeing that announcement with some uncertainty.
My eyes fell upon my cat which was still eyeing my brother with the utmost interest.
Actually, I considered, eying the many stains on the carpet from carelessly spilt beer, it was little wonder.
I kept eying him wearily… checking to make sure that his temper was in check.
Apart from Yusril, several cabinet ministers and the vice president are currently eying the presidency.
Investigators say he was also eying Heathrow Airport in London.
She tidies my hospital room, eying me with nervous pity.
My mother appeared in the doorway, calm and collected as usual, except she was impatiently eying my clock.
She glanced down, eying the boy standing below very carefully.