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eyeful / восхитительное зрелище, прелестная женщина
имя существительное
восхитительное зрелище
прелестная женщина
имя существительное
a long, steady look at something.
they wanted to get an eyeful of Lily
an eyeful of woodworm fluid
‘You're not such a bad eyeful yourself,’ he smiled.
One woman in Vicar Lane had already snapped the flimsy strap on her vest top, and laughed as her breast fell out to give a gang of cheering lads an eyeful .
She was an eyeful ,’ Miguel and his friends began to hoot and holler again.
She offered him a good view of her cleavage in the process and shamelessly Brett helped himself to an eyeful .
She dipped low to shake his hand making sure he got an eyeful .
she was quite an eyeful
If you've never seen their stage show, you can still get an eyeful from this album's black-and-white liner photos, which show the duo swooning or flopped like cast-off goth toys.
Noah got an eyeful , but he was too sick to enjoy it.
an eyeful of fluid