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eyebrow / бровь
имя существительное
eyebrow, brow
имя существительное
the strip of hair growing on the ridge above a person's eye socket.
Frontal sinusitis can cause pain above your eyebrows , and your forehead may be tender to touch.
He pointed to a scar above his right eye cutting a crooked path through his bushy eyebrow .
My right eyebrow has one white hair that grows about four times faster than the rest of my hair.
He had a killer bruise along his jaw-line, and a cut above his eyebrow had been stitched.
She needed three stitches above her eyebrow and now thinks glass bottles should be banned.
A vertical line ran down from just above his eyebrow to the bottom of his cheekbone.
You can test this by taking a small hammer and gently tapping your forehead just above the left eyebrow .
He's an ugly man with blond hair and blond eyebrows , thick lips and small hands.
People with exophthalmos are able to look upwards without moving their eyebrows .
Opposite her sat a man, with dark hair and strong dark eyebrows , stubble around his lower face.
All of her major organs were formed but she had no eyelashes, eyebrows or cartilage in her ears.