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eyeball / глазное яблоко
имя существительное
глазное яблоко
eyeball, orb
имя существительное
the round part of the eye of a vertebrate, within the eyelids and socket. In mammals it is typically a firm, mobile, spherical structure enclosed by the sclera and the cornea.
The surgeon uses a wire speculum to retract the eyelids to expose the eyeball .
look or stare at closely.
we eyeballed one another
The tumor in boy's left eye had displaced his eyeball from its socket and caused the boy to constantly tilt his head due to the weight of the tumor.
The retina lines the inner face of the back of the eyeball and contains light-sensitive cells that transmit images to the brain.
A small incision is made in the side of your eyeball to allow for removal of your cornea's inner layer without hurting the outer layers.
The orbit is a socket for the eyeball , muscles, nerves, and vessels that are necessary for proper functioning of the eye.
Secondly, the lower eyelid has rounded and come away from the eyeball .
This means that the lower eyelid has fallen away from the eyeball so that the tiny hole into which the tears drain is no longer in the tear pool.
In some reported instances, it forms a muscular funnel around the optic nerve and is inserted onto the back of the eyeball .
Four muscles pull each eyeball straight back into the eye socket, shortening the eyeball .
It can be due to either a too flat cornea or the eyeball being too short.
With myopia, the cornea is too curved or the eyeball too long.