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eye-opener / потрясающая новость, сенсационное сообщение, полная неожиданность
имя существительное
потрясающая новость
bombshell, crusher, eye-opener
сенсационное сообщение
полная неожиданность
имя существительное
an event or situation that proves to be unexpectedly enlightening.
a visit to the docks can be a fascinating eye-opener
an alcoholic drink taken early in the day.
Comorbid clients also were more likely to have used alcohol or drugs as an eye-opener and to have been annoyed by others who criticized their use of alcohol and/or drugs.
It proved a real eye-opener for the three continentals.
Much to my chagrin, we drove past Skip's without stopping for an eye-opener .
But it's his journey tomorrow to Indigenous communities on Cape York that may prove the biggest eye-opener .
a visit to the docks can be a fascinating eye-opener
The film was shot on location in West Yorkshire, which proved an eye-opener for a middle-class university-educated Hindu woman from north London.
But his unscripted comments would prove a major eye-opener .
If anything, this experience has been the biggest eye-opener I will ever encounter.
For experienced newscaster Gordon Burns, surviving all day without being able to take incoming calls proved a real eye-opener .
It was not just this unexpected love of Shakespeare that proved an eye-opener .
And home hunting can be a quite an eye-opener of an experience in the city, especially if you are a newcomer looking for a roof to stay under.