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eye-catching / выделяющийся
имя прилагательное
immediately appealing or noticeable; striking.
an eye-catching poster
The students can also display eye-catching posters on tips for conserving electricity.
The finished works of art were both eye-catching and impressive to all who viewed them.
The eye-catching posters warn passengers that train companies will totally support staff who have been attacked.
However, it's how the footage is used that is the most eye-catching and stunning effect.
The effect is dramatic and eye-catching , and helps lead the visitor around the garden.
The artwork is very eye-catching and I hope it will help us to raise awareness, and funds, for Nathan's treatment.
Some eye-catching costumes were on view in York as fundraisers were out in force selling tickets for a huge charity treasure hunt.
You'll be nicely surprised as you meander in through the eye-catching valley.
It was colourful, imaginative and eye-catching and really deserved to be noticed.
It also gets some eye-catching styling details, including a stunning red paint job.