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exultant / ликующий
имя прилагательное
jubilant, exultant, elated, triumphant, gleeful, prideful
имя прилагательное
triumphantly happy.
she felt exultant and powerful
It was a decisive campaign, in which the better prepared side struck hard and fast, and delivered its exultant people a smashing victory which promised salvation from their enemies.
He confessed that after two days of the Games, and two gold medals on the opening night before an exultant home crowd, he was mentally drained when he faced van den Hoogenband on the third day.
But I just want to indulge in a bit of pure, exultant joy!
The euphoria of victory before an exultant home crowd was diluted when the Saints followed up by losing to North Melbourne by 92 points.
It was a celebratory, sedate, courtly dance: exultant outstretched jumps, falling, turning and an eloquent reflection on the crucifixion.
When he rolls across the finish line, we're exultant .
It also means that if all the ‘experts’ rave on about a particular album, I'm on pretty shaky ground if I go overboard criticising it, or at the least, am less than exultant about it.
But Trotsky's faith in the socialist future, and his exultant delight in life, survived all failure.
Ranged before the exultant children's minister was a rapt host of 700 local officials who are extending her childcare empire across the country.
The normally exultant cheers of a vast Scottish Grand National crowd were muted because the splendour of a truly great race was bought at a very dear price.