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exude / проступать, выделять, выделяться
exude, appear, ooze
emit, distinguish, give out, secrete, set off, exude
stand out, excel, set off, segregate, exude, show up
discharge (moisture or a smell) slowly and steadily.
the beetle exudes a caustic liquid
(of a person) display (an emotion or quality) strongly and openly.
Mr. Thomas exuded friendship and goodwill
Officials exude confidence that the projects would gain good speed once the elections are over.
I believe that an artist should not exude his agonies and nightmares to his viewers.
Some people exude outright disinterest and apathy towards their country's films.
Liautaud's many animal reliefs exude a life force and presence reminiscent of the effects achieved by Jean Dubuffet.
The male singer and guitar player exude emotion.
On its skin are pores which exude droplets of moisture containing red pigment.
Under these conditions three of the transformants grew slowly and were observed to guttate, i.e. to exude droplets of liquid at the leaf margins.
Treatment rooms in the Great Southern literally exude the smell of essential oils - a fragrance that remains on the skin hours after the treatment is over like a pleasant reminder of the treat.
Meditative and soft, his blurred landscapes exude a sense of atmosphere.
The experts should surely exude the wholesome smell of the clinic rather than the conservative mustiness of the courtroom.