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extrude / выталкивать, выдавливать, прессовать
extrude, expel, jab out, thrust forth
squeeze, extrude, gouge, press, span, spin
press, extrude, squeeze
thrust or force out.
lava was being extruded from the volcano
Samples were thawed while still in their sealed vials and then crushed in a stainless-steel press to extrude sap, which was immediately analysed.
We then gently squeezed the males' abdomen with forceps to extrude their aedeagus, after which we removed approximately 50% of the copulatory organ by using a pair of microscissors.
Once you create shapes, you can extrude them with the Push-Pull tool to produce 3D models.
I have managed to extrude it from the lamp it was in successfully.
Put a towel on the handles and using your body weight, press down to extrude the noodles.
The work is highly dangerous, a full grown bluefin tuna is 3/4 of a ton of muscle with sharp extrusions along its upper edge, injuries are commonplace.
According to Aghabawa, the rhyolites were extruded as siliceous lava, which solidified as glass and was subsequently devitrified.
A solution to these issues is appearing in a new generation of extrudable plastic films.
To date the only known such work triggered by those catastrophic events, it extruded new sounds from the instrument.
The white fleshy oviduct is extruded , and the eggs are squeezed out.