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extrovert / экстроверт, человек без духовных интересов
имя существительное
extrovert, extravert
человек без духовных интересов
extrovert, extravert
имя прилагательное
extrovert, extroverted, extravert
имя существительное
an outgoing, overtly expressive person.
Are there canny advantages to being socially averse that the extroverts among us never see?
имя прилагательное
of, denoting, or typical of an extrovert.
his extrovert personality made him the ideal host
Standing in front of a camera with that much flesh on show I suppose you've got to be pretty extrovert and confident.
Even the most extrovert social butterfly sometimes needs to flutter away from the public gaze.
I also worked with the costume designer, the make-up girl and the hairdresser to define a look that matched Julie's extrovert personality.
I've always been an extrovert , the joker in the pack,’ he admits.
Other psychologists using different methods have, like me, found that everyone is either an introvert or an extrovert , though not all of these psychologists use those terms.
I'm much more outgoing and extrovert , like an excited Labrador.
A very jolly extrovert personality, Eileen enjoys the social aspect of the game and she is hugely popular with her sporting friends.
‘Dick's an extrovert who is passionately committed to football,’ offers Ian.
On the surface he was an optimistic extrovert , preaching freedom of conscience and religion; but underneath he was a brooding pessimist, with intransigent, darkly mystical views about the drama of human history and sexuality.
If you are outgoing, an extrovert , then consider careers that give you a chance to be in the spotlight such as management, politics or teaching.