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extremity / конечности, оконечность, конец
имя существительное
extremities, extremity
end, ending, stop, finish, tip, extremity
имя существительное
the furthest point or limit of something.
the peninsula's western extremity
the extreme degree or nature of something.
the extremity of the violence concerns us
In so doing, he rejects the historicist injunction of authoritatively re-enacting the extremity of the past in favor of a modernist staging of the uncertain history of the present.
Since the criteria of her anthology require a poet to have personally experienced political or social extremity , technically her own work is disqualified.
I became alienated from everything that was going on around me - because of the violence and extremity of it.
It is the filmmakers of East Asia who've cornered the market in outrage and extremity .
Now the people with whom she sits are ones drawn to her very extremity .
Angling is from the boat only, and these are based at Stronaclachar near the western extremity .
There was one occasion when house fires broke out at the same time in each extremity .
The town stands on a hill, and I was taken into the public garden at the extremity of the town.
I think it's certainly quite a lot of the comedy that I've been involved in is quite extreme, if you like, and the extremity is part of what's funny about it.
the peninsula's western extremity