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extravagance / экстравагантность, расточительность, сумасбродство
имя существительное
extravagance, extravagancy
extravagance, wastefulness, profligacy, prodigality, bluing, lavishness
extravagance, nonsense, screwball, extravagancy, fandango
имя существительное
lack of restraint in spending money or use of resources.
his reckless extravagance with other people's money
The same could be said of my bedroom, which lacks the extravagance I would expect at these prices.
The lack of eastern extravagance promises good things.
They range from lovely, understated elegance and simplicity to wild extravagance .
salmon trout is an unnecessary extravagance
In reckless extravagance he outdid the prodigals of all times in ingenuity… and set before his guests loaves and meats of gold, declaring that a man ought either to be frugal or be Caesar.
He is, to this day, associated with extravagance and regal lavishness.
But the appearance of financial cronyism, allied to the vexed issue of government extravagance on failing computer systems, does not sit well with the chancellor's austere image.
And extravagance and waste prevailing on campus has seldom, if at all, been addressed as a pressing issue.
Impulsiveness, impatience, senseless rebellion, and extravagance are the traits that so often undermine their work and dreams.
They seem to be giant physical manifestations of a kind of extravagance , or excessiveness, a breaking out of boundaries, form, and structure.