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extrapolate / экстраполировать
extend the application of (a method or conclusion, especially one based on statistics) to an unknown situation by assuming that existing trends will continue or similar methods will be applicable.
the results cannot be extrapolated to other patient groups
Using these three basic numbers - population, CO2 emissions, and GDP - I proceeded to extrapolate some figures.
Most franchisors will not make earnings claims, but will provide information with which you could potentially extrapolate gross sales figures.
If you look at previous attempts by actuaries to extrapolate trends, the forecasts have always undershot - and better lifestyles and medical advances have accelerated the improvement in life expectancy.
During that time, I've seen numerous threat briefings that attempted to extrapolate possible terrorist strategies out of the most obscure bits of intelligence.
It's part of their job to extrapolate from current trends, anticipate future problems, and head them off at the pass.
The final slope of all the complex curves extrapolate at the intercept to an average value of 1.5 0.5.
it is always dangerous to extrapolate from a sample
The evidence needed for sound policymaking should thus be much more comprehensive than attempts to extrapolate dubious principles from the findings of controlled trials.
The computational model can extrapolate the morphogenetic movements of human organs such as the eye, heart, lung etc.
attempts to extrapolate likely human cancers from laboratory studies