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extraordinary / внеочередной, чрезвычайный, экстраординарный
имя прилагательное
extraordinary, extreme, exceptional, special, exceeding, deadly
extraordinary, extraordinaire, extraspecial
имя прилагательное
very unusual or remarkable.
the extraordinary plumage of the male
имя существительное
an item in a company's accounts not arising from its normal activities.
Of the total "army extraordinaries " of £315,917 submitted to the House of Commons on February 6, 1767, only £111,287 had arisen from North America.
Now, the defense says that that amount of money is extraordinary .
It is, as Byrne observes, extraordinary that such a remarkable personality should, until now, have escaped attention.
We pay an extraordinary amount to keep the Art Centre, particularly the Playhouse and this theatre alive and as the spot in Melbourne to go and see good theatre.
Immediately after the public meeting, Durrington parish council convened an extraordinary meeting and voted to oppose the English Heritage application.
You should develop the unusual, extraordinary attitude of wishing that all their sufferings ripen upon yourself.
The prince also said he will convene an extraordinary session if it is necessary to finalize the bill.
So sought-after are high-ranking characters and the virtual trinkets that they amass that extraordinary amounts of real-world money are changing hands as they are traded.
And they remarked on the extraordinary contrasts of the river where it flows wide and deep for long stretches before being suddenly interrupted by rapids.
The film had an extraordinary amount of violence.
And I do think that we are getting an extraordinary amount of good information about a very complicated story.