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extraordinaire / экстраординарный, исключительный
имя прилагательное
extraordinary, extraordinaire, extraspecial
exceptional, exclusive, only, sole, extraordinary, extraordinaire
имя прилагательное
outstanding or remarkable in a particular capacity.
memories of a gardener extraordinaire
Since comedienne extraordinaire Joan Rivers drifted back to the United States, Edinburgh has been a much less entertaining place.
By repute a procrastinator extraordinaire , the Irishman insists he remains on the trail of the same transfer targets he earmarked at the beginning of the summer.
Julia Child, an American and chef extraordinaire , has died at the age of 91.
When it's too hot or too rainy even to visit the park with the kids, a stash of arts and crafts supplies and a few treats extraordinaire may very well save your sanity.
But for me, good old reliable David, door opener extraordinaire , will always be the invisible man and the person I like to call my role model.